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How to choose a good solar charger

Selecting solar panels with high conversion efficiency is crucial  When buying a laptop, we know to look at the CPU, because the CPU is the key to running a computer!  In the same way, for solar chargers, solar panels are the key.  So what kind of solar panels to choose, solar charging speed is fast?  Of course, the more efficient the solar panels, the faster!  Solar photovoltaic industry after decades of development, the solar charging technology, great changes have taken place, also from the beginning of polycrystalline silicon solar panels, up to now become a mainstream of monocrystalline silicon solar panels, and a flexible solar panels to thin-film solar panels, solar panel technology is more and more mature, also more and more joint application of life,  At the same time, the efficiency and efficiency of charging have also been greatly improved. 

Types of solar panels  

The earliest polysilicon conversion efficiency was only 8-10%, but the most efficient SUNPOWER solar panels are now 24.2% efficient, making solar charging much faster.  So choose a high conversion rate of solar panels, because it will be more efficient to convert the sun's energy, it will be able to convert more electricity, charging speed naturally faster!  Current conversion rates for polysilicon are 8-10%, monocrystalline silicon and thin-film solar cells are 12-16%, and SUNOPWR's conversion rates are as high as 24.2%, so SUNPOWER's solar panels can produce more electricity for the same area.  Since the conversion rate is higher, it takes less solar panels to produce the same amount of electricity, so solar chargers can be made smaller and more portable!

Do not choose the solar panel area is too small solar charger  

There are a lot of travelling since there is no too much time to understand solar charger, so just bought that kind of charging treasure with a small piece of solar panel on the back of the solar charging treasure, I think mainly pursue cheap, feel is not practical, also can't waste a few money, and then found that when using solar charging treasure don't bask in not much power.  One factor that affects the speed of a solar charge: the area of the solar panel, is also crucial in your choice!  This kind of small solar charging bank, such A small solar panel, under the sun, the current is only about 0.1A-0.15A, one hour in the sun, can only generate 100mah-150mah of electricity, and the battery capacity of A mobile phone is generally around 3000-4000mah.  It takes A full 20-40 hours to charge A mobile phone with such solar charging bank, which is only needed for emergency charging. As for A mobile phone, the current required for standby is 0.1-0.15A, that is to say, no matter how you sun, only man' K 'Y can meet the demand for standby power!