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Travel folding board solar backpack

The world is so big that I want to see it.  In the fast pace of life, busy everyday, in addition to going to work every day is home, and three or five good friends together to talk about heart is rare.  Then an idea came into my mind - "to travel".   

I heard that Sita is very beautiful, a quiet and beautiful place, you can get away from the hustle and bustle of     the city, forget your troubles.  Want to do, life do not leave regret, two days later with luggage set out.   

Speaking of luggage and a few words of gossip, the day before departure to know the destination weather, according to the temperature of clothing;  Everyday things to bring something to the destination to buy expensive, motion sickness, band-aid, mosquitoes and other medicines to prepare some, away from home, for a rainy day, mobile power supply is also indispensable, I listen to my friend's advice to choose the solar backpack, one thousand if in the outdoor mobile phone without electricity can recharge my mobile phone or treasure to recharge.   

Portable electronics for many years to produce solar backpack, symbol national quality certification, using the latest science and technology environmental protection materials, light to carry, strong endurance, diverse functions, for you in every night a bright light.