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Mini Solar Panel

Customized SMT 6.5V 0.6W small solar panel

Product Description:

Customized SMT 6.5V 0.6W small solar panel 

Quality control and safety
1. Rigorous quality control meets the highest international standards. 
2. High efficiency solar cells to meet the customers' requirements.
3. High quality fibergalss PCB insure the long life span of the solar panels.
4. FCC/CE/RoHS/ErP. 

Customized design  SOLAR PANEL 
Shape: square, rectangle, triangle, tetragonum(parallelogram, rhombus, trapezoid), round, fanshaped, arch, circle and polygon.
solar cell: poly or mono high efficiency of 16.5%-23%(Q-cell, Bosch cell and Sunpower cell, ect.)
service life: 5-7years(PET mini solar panel)
usage: our clients use the panel for solar lighting-solar lamps, solar garden lights, solar lantern ect., solar charger and thousands of solar applications.